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About Us: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a job at CRANDIC?

Applications for open positions at CRANDIC are only accepted online. Check for openings on the Alliant Energy Careers Web page. Please note: CRANDIC does not respond to calls or e-mails regarding job openings.

How often do trains run on the main line between Cedar Rapids and Hills?

There is no set train schedule on our main line. In recent years, CRANDIC has run trains twice per week, usually during daylight hours. The train consists of 5-10 cars moving at less than 20 m.p.h.

Who should I call to report suspicious persons or activity on CRANDIC property or trains?

Contact CRANDIC's Yard Manager.

Who should I contact about leasing or for an easement over CRANDIC property?

Contact our Marketing Manager.

What is CRANDIC's fuel surcharge?

CRANDIC's current fuel surcharge is updated online monthly.

How can I get a price quote for shipping via CRANDIC?

Contact the Marketing Manager.

Can I operate a snowmobile or ATV on or near CRANDIC right-of-way?

No. They are prohibited within 50 ft. of CRANDIC's track.

Can you send me a detailed track map showing your lines?

These maps are not available to the general public for security reasons.

Do you have used rail ties for sale?

We have no rail ties for sale at this time.

Why do locomotives blow their horns at road crossings?

Various laws require train crews to sound the horn in advance of public crossings. The Federal Railroad Administration is considering a national horn policy that might include "quiet zone" provisions where the horn won't be required if certain safety upgrades are made at the crossings; a decision is pending.

Additional signals may be sounded if the crew believes a pedestrian, motorist, or other individual appears to be unaware of the train's approach, or if other safety considerations, such as poor visibility or obstructions, are present.

Can I ride on a locomotive?

For safety reasons, only CRANDIC employees are allowed to ride locomotives.

Can I hunt on CRANDIC tracks or right-of-way?

No. It is a violation of state law to hunt on railroad right-of-way.

Can I use CRANDIC's logo or name?

Our logo and name are registered trademarks and should not be used on unauthorized materials.

Have a question for CRANDIC?

Use our Contact Us form to send us your questions, comments or suggestions.